Kontrol Refill Tabz (2pack)

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Kontrol Refill Tabz (2pack)
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Kontrol Refill Tabz (2pack)

The excellent Kontrol refill tabz. Used to refill the Kontrol mega moisture trapand almost any other moisture trap on the market that uses this type of refill. Each pack contains 2 tabz tablets simply drop them into the Kontrol Mega Moisture Trap to re-activate.

How they work Kontrol Crystals Anhydrous flakes of calcium chloride CaCI have a high affinity to water and readily attract excess humidity from the air by a simple chemical process. When used in a moisture trap the krystals begin to coagulate sometimes developing a discoloured crust and eventually after a few weeks and depending on levels of humidity/dampness liquid will begin to collect in the base of the moisture trap. Kontrol crystals will continue to function effectively for up to 2-3 months after exposure to the surrounding air. For optimum results place the moisture trap into areas where there is a damp or moisture problem replacing the krystals when the process is complete. Combats Damp Helps Stop Condensation Mildew and Musty Odours. Removes Moisture. Ergonomic Design. Fits almost Anywhere. Battery Free. Works Day and Night Mess Free Universal Use.

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